Bradshaw Wedding

Brian + Ashlee

Bliss Hill, Chattoray, WA

You know how they say, be prepared that something might go wrong on your wedding day? Well, not for Brian and Ashlee. Everything was so incredibly perfect and beautiful and fun: from the very first minutes of getting ready in the morning to the very last dance at night. What a beautiful and sunny day to get married on, away from the city at the gorgeous new venue – Bliss Hill!

bradshaw1 bradshaw2 bradshaw3

I always say, that boy’s photos don’t take long, and trust me, I haven’t met a single guy/groom that would enjoy being photographed:) Again, this was not for Brian and his groomsmen. We had so much fun, and there’s so many photo opportunities at Bliss Hill – we could go on and on. bradshaw4 bradshaw5

What a handsome group of men! bradshaw6 bradshaw7

We snack into the house to capture Ashlee’s last minute preparations. And oh boy, she looked STUNNING!!
bradshaw8 bradshaw9 bradshaw10 bradshaw11 bradshaw12 bradshaw13

Gorgeous bride!!bradshaw14 bradshaw15 bradshaw16 bradshaw17 bradshaw18

I simply love these fun photo we took of the girls – it shows their personalities and a strong friendship.

I have to mention, I LOVE these bridesmaids dresses!! The looked absolutely fun and playful in the sun!bradshaw20 bradshaw21 bradshaw22

>>> B e a u t i f u l  <<<bradshaw23 bradshaw24Everything was ready and the ceremony was about to begin…bradshaw25 bradshaw26

All the joy and happy tears.. Very happy for these two!bradshaw27 bradshaw28 bradshaw29

Some entire Wedding party photos after the Ceremony.. What a fun bunch of friends!
bradshaw30 bradshaw31 bradshaw32 bradshaw33 bradshaw34

Then we spent some time alone with just Bride and Groom…bradshaw35 bradshaw36 bradshaw37

As the sun started going down, it created a gorgeous warm rim light only to compliment our stunning photos of the two… bradshaw38 bradshaw39 bradshaw40 bradshaw41 bradshaw42

Everything was set up and ready for a reception. Ashlee and her team did an amazing job planning and preparing everything, so that their guests would have a great time. bradshaw43 bradshaw44 bradshaw45

Evening continued with the most touching toasts… bradshaw46And the moment everybody was waiting for – first dance… bradshaw47 bradshaw48

Followed by the special dances with parents… and cake cutting:) bradshaw49 bradshaw50 bradshaw51 bradshaw52

It was such an incredible day for Ashlee and Brian! And one of the cutest things that Ashlee said to Brian during their vows was that she loves him to the moon and back. And what a coincidence – later this evening the moon was so bright and big – on their wedding day it made it’s closest approach to the earth. It made for such a perfect photo to finish up their day with all the Thanks to their loved ones for coming and sharing their happiest day with them. Brian and Ashlee, we can’t express how much we have enjoyed working with you and capture all the priceless moments of your Wedding Day! You guys are absolutely beautiful, and we are very happy for your future together! bradshaw53

Thank you so much for taking time and looking through this blog post. Friends and family, feel free to leave your congratulations and comments for newlyweds to enjoy down below. If you’d like to see all the photos and/or buy prints and digital downloads – click HERE  and enter the password, found on your guest card. <3 

P.S. Special thank you to my amazing assistant for the day – beautiful Emily!!



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