Cannons Edge Wedding Spokane

Elishia & Cole

Cannons Edge, Greenbluff

Elisha’s and Cole’s Wedding was fantastic is every way: breathtaking view on a sunny July day, never-ending joy, and all their friends and family gathered to witness their Love for each other.

2015-09-23_0001 2015-09-23_0002 2015-09-23_0003

Cole waited to see his lovely bride-to-be, and his Groomsmen were fun to spend the afternoon with. 2015-09-23_0004Looking good!2015-09-23_0005I absolutely loved all little details Elishia had in her getting-ready room. And how adorable is her little handmade vows book?
2015-09-23_0006Gorgeous dress!2015-09-23_0007 2015-09-23_0008 2015-09-23_0009The room was filled with laughter when Elishia and her Bridesmaids were getting ready. 2015-09-23_0010 2015-09-23_0011Final preparations, all you could hear was “Awe”… 2015-09-23_0012Elishia, you look absolutely stunning!!2015-09-23_0013 2015-09-23_0015 2015-09-23_0016It was a very bright and hot day, but Elishia was a pure joy to photograph!2015-09-23_0017Simply beautiful! Cole is one lucky man!2015-09-23_0018

Elishia and her Bridesmaids were so much fun to be around! And I love love love their dresses!2015-09-23_0020Doesn’t Elishia remind you of one particular celebrity? Write in the comment, I’m curious to see if that’s just me or not:)2015-09-23_0021Yay!! We had a blast!2015-09-24_0001Right before the Ceremony Cole and Elishia held hands without seeing each other, it was very very sweet!
2015-09-24_0002Everything at Cannons Edge was ready and looked absolutely beautiful! “The hunt is over” for these two!2015-09-24_0003 2015-09-24_0004 2015-09-24_0005 2015-09-24_0006Introducing Mr and Mrs Jackson!2015-09-24_0007

Family photos time…2015-09-24_0008

Little Flower girls came out for some Wedding party photos with us! They were so adorable and smiley:)2015-09-24_0009Beautiful Wedding Party! I love how well the colors scheme worked out!2015-09-24_0010 2015-09-24_0011 2015-09-24_0012Such a pleasure to work with Elishia and Cole, their love for each other is so evident!2015-09-24_0013 2015-09-24_0014This one is my favorite! I love their smiles, and I love the setting sun peeking through the greens… 2015-09-24_0015 2015-09-24_0016 2015-09-24_0017Cole couldn’t get his eye of his stunning Bride… 2015-09-24_0018So pretty!2015-09-24_0019 2015-09-24_0020Newlyweds made their grand entrance to reception and a very delicious dinner was served!
2015-09-24_0021Then it was time for all kinds of fantastic speeches…2015-09-24_0023Table with sweets was overloaded with cute goodness! Yum!2015-09-24_0022First Dance…2015-09-24_0024 2015-09-24_0025His and Hers <32015-09-24_0026Then the party began… Everybody had such a great time on the dance floor!2015-09-24_0027 2015-09-24_0028During the sunset we snack outside for couple more photos of the lovely couple…
2015-09-24_0029I have to say, the sunset on top of the hill at Cannon Edge was GLORIOUS! This romantic setting was perfect for the kiss! What a day to remember for these two!2015-09-24_0030

Cole and Elishia, we are so grateful for this opportunity to capture all these beautiful moments of your Wedding! It was a fantastic day! We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness!


Friends and family, you are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the newlyweds to enjoy down below.

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