Karina & Donnie Spokane Engagement

Karina & Donnie

There was no better spot to photograph a gorgeous Spokane engagement in spring than in a blooming Finch Arboretum park! We enjoyed every minute of our walk with Karina and Donnie!

2015-08-29_00142015-08-29_0001 2015-08-29_0002 2015-08-29_0003

Such a beautiful ring! 2015-08-29_0004 2015-08-29_0005 2015-08-29_0006

Our next stop was to grab coffee at the Rocket Bakery Downtown, and I simply couldn’t pass by the opportunity to snap few photos through the glass;) Love these!2015-08-29_0007 2015-08-29_0008

I love how city streets get filled with light at sunset, it makes a perfect atmosphere for a romantic walk.. 2015-08-29_0009 2015-08-29_0010 2015-08-29_0011 2015-08-29_0012

Karina’s and Donnie’s Autumn Wedding is approaching so quickly, we cannot wait to document their Love! 2015-08-29_0015

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