McIntosh Wedding

Jessie + Josh

Winthrop, WA

We were very excited for an opportunity to travel to Winthrop and photograph a very special wedding of Josh and Jessie. Getting to know them and their amazing story made every moment of their very best day so meaningful and very sweet.


I just love these cute little gifts, that Jessie prepared for her bridesmaids!

As Jessie was getting ready – all her bridesmaids surrounded her with help and love.
mcintosh3 mcintosh4 mcintosh5 mcintosh6

Jessie, you are simply stunning!mcintosh7 mcintosh8

Beautiful eyes!!mcintosh9 mcintosh10 mcintosh11 mcintosh12 mcintosh13

This last photo made me smile:) I’m so glad one of the bridesmaid came up with this composition!mcintosh14

These little flower girls are so adorable! Just love how they are looking at the Bride!mcintosh15 mcintosh16 mcintosh17

Josh was getting ready too, and he looked very sharp. mcintosh18 mcintosh19 mcintosh20 mcintosh21

We had a lot of fun taking Groom and Groomsmen photos! Some of us had a little too much fun:) mcintosh22 mcintosh23

Then it was a time for a very first look…mcintosh24

How exciting!! Love both of their reactions!mcintosh25 mcintosh26

Such a perfect couple!mcintosh27 mcintosh28

Looking so great together!!mcintosh29 mcintosh30

Entire Wedding party photos took place next, followed by family portraits.mcintosh31 mcintosh32


Josh and Jessie’s family did an amazing job putting all details and decorations together! I just love this rustic, yet very colorful and summery style!
mcintosh34 mcintosh35

Ceremony place looked very special too! There is nothing like getting married under the beautiful apple tree.mcintosh36

mcintosh37 mcintosh38


Congratulations!! mcintosh40 mcintosh41

This was the most delicious homemade dinner ever, prepared by Groom’s Grandparents. Every bite of ribs and salmon made us close our eyes and go “mmm!!”. It was super good!mcintosh42 mcintosh43 mcintosh44 mcintosh45

First dance…mcintosh46 mcintosh47

Everybody had such a great time! Even some deer came to join the party! mcintosh48 mcintosh49

The sun started going down, and the sky turned vanilla color.. Two loving people forever joined their lives together.. mcintosh50 mcintosh51 mcintosh52

What an unforgettable day for Jessie and Josh! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your celebration, we are very-very happy for you and wish you a life full of joy and love and many wonderful adventures! mcintosh53

Family and friends, please feel free to leave your comments and congratulations down below. To see all the photos – click here


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