Rocking K Ranch Wedding

Carrie & Craig

Rocking K Ranch


Congratulations to a beautiful couple – Carrie and Craig! I can’t express enough with my words, how special and sweet their Wedding at Rocking K Ranch was! Enjoy these highlights of their Spacial day:
2015-09-11_0001It was a very beautiful sunny day, Groom and Groomsmen began their preparations.. 2015-09-11_0002Looking good, Craig!
2015-09-11_0003 Craig couldn’t wait to see his beautiful Bride! Love his smile!:)
2015-09-11_0005 2015-09-11_0006I have to add, all we were looking for that day was shade, as it started getting very very hot! Here’s more fun photos with Groomsmen:)2015-09-11_0007 2015-09-11_0008 2015-09-11_0010Love all the pretty gifts Carrie prepared for her Bridesmaids! And how gorgeous is her dress!2015-09-11_0011Then it was time for Carrie to get ready, everybody was there: helping and just looking at her with a genuine smile.
2015-09-11_0012 2015-09-11_0013Carrie’s hair and makeup was perfect! She looked her best! And that smile and those eyes! Uh!2015-09-11_0014Stunning!!2015-09-11_0015 2015-09-11_0016Carrie and her gorgeous girls <3 2015-09-11_0017 2015-09-11_00182015-09-11_0009Carrie and Craig chose to see each other for the first time at the Ceremony, therefore they prayed together blindfolded:) Isn’t that cute?2015-09-15_0001Ceremony was about to begin, and everything was ready! All beautiful decorations had quotes from Bible about Love.. Musicians were playing worship melodies very softly, guests started to arrive.. Such a romantic setting! 2015-09-15_0002 2015-09-15_0003Carrie is a worship leader at her church in Canada, and as she was going down the aisle with her Dad she surprised everybody by singing praises to the Lord. It was very touching!2015-09-15_0004“A three cord string is not easily broken…”2015-09-15_0005 2015-09-15_0006Congratulations Carrie and Craig!2015-09-15_0007Entire Wedding Party, Beautiful people!!2015-09-15_0009Family photos. (Make sure to scroll down all the way to the end to see all family photos we took!)2015-09-15_0008Some more fun photos with everybody by the barn2015-09-15_0010 2015-09-15_0011What a stunning couple these two! I loved shooting in this setting: woods, and a beautiful light through the trees.. 2015-09-15_0012 2015-09-15_0013Delicious dinner2015-09-15_0014And more pretty details <3 2015-09-15_0015Reception continued with speeches, special dances and cupcakes:)2015-09-16_0001 2015-09-16_0002Then we snuck outside for couple more photos of just the Bride and Groom
2015-09-16_0003 2015-09-16_00042015-09-16_0006What a beautiful day for Carrie and Craig! Thank you so so much for choosing us to capture all the precious moments of your Wedding Day! We wish you two all the best! 2015-09-16_0007

Family and friends, feel free to leave your comments and congratulations for Carrie and Craig to enjoy, also click here to see all the photos from their Wedding.

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