Schnitker Wedding – Spokane Wedding Photographer

Maximilian + Madison

 It was a great honor documenting Max’ and Madie’s love. Surrounded by their amazing friends and family it was a perfect way to celebrate such a perfect day! And here is a quick glimpse of their wonderful Wedding.

01-Schnitker Wedding 02-Schnitker Wedding1 03-Schnitker Wedding2

The Groom is getting ready to meet his beautiful Bride…
04-Schnitker Wedding3

First look.. 05-Schnitker Wedding4 06-Schnitker Wedding5 07-Schnitker Wedding6

A little bit of rain added extra cuteness and made for a very romantic set of images. 08-Schnitker Wedding7 09-Schnitker Wedding8

What a fun Wedding party!:)10-Schnitker Wedding9 11-Schnitker Wedding10 12-Schnitker Wedding11

First look with Bride’s Dad, followed by family photos and ceremony…13-Schnitker Wedding12

14-Schnitker Wedding13 15-Schnitker Wedding14 16-Schnitker Wedding15

Thank you so much for having us, Max and Madie. We really enjoyed capturing your very special moments and wish you both all the best! 17-Schnitker Wedding16

Thank you for taking time and viewing this blog post, feel free to leave your comments and congratulations for newlyweds down below. Friends and family, by clicking HERE you may view all the rest of the photos, purchase digital copies or order prints.


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