Spokane Convention Center Rooftops Wedding

May 30, 2015

Richard & Mellisa

Spokane Convention Center Rooftops Wedding

What a Gorgeous Day at the very heart of Spokane!
Blair1 Everything was laid out in preparation for the big day…Blair2 Blair3 Blair4

Surrounded by people who love her, Mellisa just began to sparkle!Blair5 Blair6 Blair7

Such a gorgeous Bride! I absolutely love Mellisa’s personality, she is the sweetest person I know, her heart is full of love and kindness, and her patience and sweet spirit blows me away!Blair8 Blair9

Stunning!Blair10Such beautiful ladies! Love the colors of their dresses, flowers and shoes!

I have to mention a never ending giggle as we were taking Bride and Bridesmaids photos, ugh, I wish I could have recorded that:)Blair12

Richard was one happy Groom as he prepared to meet his beautiful Bride.Blair13

Richard gave each Groomsmen an individual and customized gift box with lot’s of goodies. How thoughtful and meaningful is that?!Blair14

Looking good, Richard! Time for a a very first look.Blair15 Blair16

What a great looking couple!Blair17 Blair18 Blair19

Riverfront park had a lot of opportunities for Bride and Groom photos, and we were so lucky to have a partly cloudy day and a stunning couple!Blair20 Blair21

All the Groomsmen looked very sharp and we had an extra minute for some fun photos too!
Blair22 Blair23 Blair24

Love this one! All friends walking together arm in arm.Blair25

Family photos were very special and involved some happy tears and hugs.. I was barely holding not to post every single one of them, if you’d like to see more – keep scrolling down, I will add a link to see the rest of them at the very bottom.Blair26

Rooftops of the convention center looking out to the very heart of Spokane – Riverfront park. What could possible be a better location to say “I do”? Stunning view!Blair27 Blair28 Blair29 Blair30

Mellisa and her team did an outstanding job on decorations, we loved every single touch and detail! Blair31 Blair32

Touching toasts and special dances.. Blair33 Blair34

As the sun started going down it was time for a desert and more fun! Blair35

Congratulations to Richard and Mellisa! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your Wedding Day, we wish you all the best and many more wonderful days together!Blair36

Friends and family, feel free to leave your comments down below for Richard and Mellisa to enjoy.

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