St. Aloysius Church Spokane Wedding

Sarah and Robert

July 25, 2015

Congratulations to Sarah and Robert on tying the knot at a beautiful St. Aloysius Church in Gonzaga! It was such a wonderful day, and here are some highlights of their Wedding:

2015-10-02_0001 2015-10-02_0002Stunning Bride and her Bridesmaids2015-10-02_0003 2015-10-02_0004 2015-10-02_0005

First look2015-10-02_0006 2015-10-02_0007 2015-10-02_0008 2015-10-02_0009Sarah and Robert look so great together!!
2015-10-02_0010 2015-10-02_0011 2015-10-02_0012Boys pretended to be girls on this one:) As you can tell, we had a lot of fun!
2015-10-02_0013 2015-10-02_0014Beautiful family…2015-10-02_0015 2015-10-02_0016Ceremony2015-10-02_0017Loving all these beautiful details at the reception!2015-10-02_0018Evening continued with some great speeches, and then the party moved to the dance floor…2015-10-02_0019 2015-10-02_0020 2015-10-02_0021

What a day to remember for Sarah and Robert! It was a true joy seeing them dancing and kissing and being so happy and so in love, surrounded by their closest friends and family! Many many years filled with happiness to Sarah and Robert! Cheers!2015-10-02_0022

Friends and family, you are welcome to leave your comments and congratulations for the newlyweds to enjoy down below.

Also click here to see all the photos and order prints!

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