Young Wedding

Grace and Nathan

June 15, 2014

Grace and Nathan declared and celebrated their love on early Sunday morning at Glover Mansion in Spokane.

Everything on that day was perfect:
1 2 3

Last minutes of getting ready.. 4 5

Absolutely stunning Bride!6 7

… surrounded by beautiful bridesmaids!

Rain did not scare us, instead it provided bright colors and lot’s of fun and laughter:)8

Grace and Nathan have the most welcoming and loving families, every hug and laughter through out the whole day meant so much to them!9

Then we met with Nathan, he looked very handsome!10 11

Classic formal photos with groomsmen, followed by a couple of goofy ones:)
12 13

Then it was time for Nathan and Grace to see each other for the very first time!

Eeeek, how exciting!!15

What a great looking couple! Very young, very dedicated and very loving!16 17 18

“Many waters cannot quench love”… (Songs of Solomon 8:6)19 20 21 22

Then it was time for a Ceremony: it was filled with happy tears and laughter, blessings, prayers and love. We loved everything about it!
23 24 25

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Young!!26

Inside everything was ready for fine breakfast and celebration!27 28

Such a fun reception: delicious food, beautiful songs and touching toasts.29

Not only wedding cake looked beautiful – it tasted soo so good! And how thoughtful it is of Bride and Groom to have all different healthy options for their guests!
30 31

Romantic first dance.. 32

Everybody had such a great time!!


What a Day to remember!33

Congratulations to Nathan and Grace and many happy years ahead filled with love and laughter!34

Family and friends please leave your comments and congratulations for newlyweds to enjoy at the bottom of this blog post! To view all the photos and/or to buy prints click HERE

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