Uniyat Wedding – Beacon Hill

November 5, 2016

Alina & Konstantine

August 27, 2016

“Love is like a wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it…”

Alina’s and Kostya’s Wedding was absolutely incredible, despite the strong wind at Beacon Hill that day.

As Bride and her maids were getting ready, the air was filled lots and lots of excitement! And all these gorgeous rose gold details were simply elegant!2016-11-04_0002 2016-11-04_0003 2016-11-04_0004

Final preparations…2016-11-04_0005 2016-11-04_0006 2016-11-04_0007

Alina, you look absolutely STUNNING!
2016-11-04_0008 2016-11-04_0009 2016-11-04_0010

And what a fun party to share this incredible day with!2016-11-04_0011

Little flower girl gives Bride a little kiss.. How sweet!2016-11-04_0012 2016-11-04_0013

Alina and her Bridesmaids looked GORGEOUS! 2016-11-04_0014

Kostya was so excited to see Alina, as his groomsmen were helping him to get ready for the big day…

Looking sharp, Kostya!2016-11-04_0016 2016-11-04_0017 2016-11-04_0018

What a fun company!2016-11-04_0019

First look…2016-11-04_0020 2016-11-04_0021So beautiful!!2016-11-04_0022 2016-11-04_0023 2016-11-04_0024 2016-11-04_0025

These two look so great together!2016-11-04_0026 2016-11-04_0027 2016-11-04_0028 2016-11-04_0029

Entire Wedding party…2016-11-04_0030

Everything was ready for the Ceremony2016-11-04_0031

Love all these beautiful decorations and details!2016-11-05_0001 2016-11-05_0002 2016-11-05_0003 2016-11-05_0004

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Uniyat!!2016-11-05_0005

These two are so loved by their family! Love these family portraits!2016-11-05_0006

Food was absolutely delicious!2016-11-05_0007

And look at all these YUMMY desserts! 2016-11-05_0008

Evening continued with lots of laughter, music and cake cutting..
2016-11-05_0009 2016-11-05_0010

Then we snuck out for some more photos of the Bride and Groom.. 2016-11-05_0011 2016-11-05_0012

Alina and Kostya enjoyed these minutes alone.. their love is so sweet and evident..2016-11-05_0013 2016-11-05_0014 2016-11-05_0015 2016-11-05_0016

As the sun was setting down, we were simply blessed with this gorgeous light!
2016-11-05_0017 2016-11-05_0018 2016-11-05_0019

Congratulations and warmest wishes to Konstantine and Alina! We are so happy for you two and so excited for what’s in store in your new journey together! Friends and family, please leave your comments and congratulations for newlyweds to enjoy down below; to see the rest of the photos and order professional quality prints or digital downloads –  CLICK HERE 2016-11-05_0020


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