Wedding at Foxwood House

November 11, 2015

Joseph & Inessa

Foxwood House Wedding, Newport, WA – Oxana Brik Photography, Spokane

It was a gorgeously overcast Wedding day in Newport, WA, Joseph and Inessa married on a beautiful grounds of Foxwood house, surrounded by stunning nature, close friends and family.
2015-11-10_0001We enjoyed documenting all the details, andĀ discovering beautiful views around the Foxwood House.
2015-11-11_0001 2015-11-11_0002 2015-11-11_0003The Bride was getting ready and the air was filled with excitement and anticipation…
2015-11-11_00042015-11-11_0005 2015-11-11_0006 2015-11-11_0007While I was with the Bride as she dressed, Ivan was with the Groom… Joseph looked his best and could not wait to see his gorgeous Bride!2015-11-11_00082015-11-11_0009

And there she was!! Absolutely stunning!2015-11-11_0010 2015-11-11_0012These tall woods were a perfect backdrop for photos with Bridesmaids, almost as they were a little fairies..
2015-11-11_0013 2015-11-11_0014 2015-11-11_0015Friends for life!2015-11-11_0016 2015-11-11_0017Right before the Ceremony we captured some photos with immediate families2015-11-11_0018Everything was ready for the Ceremony and looked absolutely beautiful!2015-11-11_0019 2015-11-11_0020 2015-11-11_0021Ceremony2015-11-11_0023Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Shiva!2015-11-11_0024After the Ceremony we got some photos with Entire Wedding party and Bride and Groom alone…2015-11-11_0025You could tell – we had a lot of fun!2015-11-11_0026Uh, this image of Joseph and Inessa is one of my favorites! They have such a deep love for each other, and it brightly shines through every photo!2015-11-11_0027 2015-11-11_0028 2015-11-11_0029 2015-11-11_0030Loving all pretty details at the reception, Inessa and her team did an amazing job!2015-11-11_00322015-11-11_00412015-11-11_0022And the traditional Russian meal was simply delicious!Ā 2015-11-11_0034 2015-11-11_0035 2015-11-11_0036

Beautiful!2015-11-11_0037 2015-11-11_0038 2015-11-11_0039

We are so honored to be a part of Joseph and Inessa’s Wedding, and we want to wish the couple a lifetime of happiness and joy!2015-11-11_0040

Friends and family feel free to leave your comments and congratulations for the newlyweds down below.


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