5 things to ask your Wedding Photographer

March 26, 2017

Before I became a photographer I was a Bride myself, so I know that planning a wedding can be owervelming and difficult. That’s why today I’d like to share 5 THINGS TO ASK YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. I hope these tips will help you to find the right person to document the Best Day of your life!

    1. What is your style?

You’ve probably already spent some time looking at Pinterest and local photographer’s websites and everything looks so beautiful. Photography is an ART, and there are so many styles and technics. Whether it’s dramatic or light, film or digital, moody or fresh, natural light.. Just make sure you choose something that speaks to you!

     2. Ask to see one entire wedding

Seeing just couple best photos from many weddings is great, but nothing shows the style better than seeing one wedding from beginning to the end, that way you can see multiple examples of photos taken indoors and outdoors, candid photos, posed photos.. and so on

    3. What if it rains?

Weather could be so unpredictable, just make sure you and your photographer discuss some photo opportunities in case you’re blessed with the rain on your wedding day. If the venue is really dark – make sure your photographer has flashes and all equipment needed to photograph formals indoors. Another cool idea is to get umbrellas for Bridal Party, just make sure they are white or clear, any colored ones will give your face a reflection of that color. I mean unless you like your skin looking purple or green?

    4. Ask about second shooter

Having second photographer is so great, especially if you’re planning a big wedding with large wedding party and lot’s of different events happening.. Needless to say, second photographer can help a lot: from documenting the ceremony and reception at a different angle to just being an extra hand in grabbing you water or tissues.. for Happy tears, of course:)

Last year when I was pregnant and shooting weddings in Spokane my assistants were HUGE help and a backup when I needed a break. And plus, who doesn’t like EXTRA photos?:)

    5. Finally, ask about Engagement session

Engagement session is my absolute FAVORITE shoot! It’s so fun, because not only we get to hang out and get to know each other better, we also “practice” photos before wedding, that way you’re comfortable in front of the camera on your big day. Plus you end up with GORGEOUS photos with your loved one, that you can use to announce your Engagement on social media and order some cute save the dates.

Alright, these were some of the questions I though would be great to ask your wedding photographer, I hope they were helpful! Congratulations on your Engagement and Happy Wedding Planning!


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Oxana Brik



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