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Love means a lot to me.

About Oxana

For four years after I was married, my husband and I lived apart; he in my homeland of Russia, and I lived in Alaska. These were the days before FaceTime and texting, and the only thing I had besides infrequent phone calls and trips home when I was able were my photos of that face I loved so much.

Fast forward a decade, we’re together in Spokane, living a life that is full of more blessings than I could have imagined. In our home, you’ll still find many photos of that face I love and endless photos and albums of our two kids.

So, when I say that I love taking photos of people in love, it’s born from the fact that I know how much these photos will mean to you and your family. It truly is my greatest honor to help capture the emotions of your wedding day, so you have photos of the faces you love most in this world.

I’m a people-driven passionate hugger, a timeline wizard, and an impromptu dancer (music is in my blood). I hope that when we meet, you’ll see how much I care about you having photos that you love.

If I were asked to describe my photography style in just three words, I would say modern, light, and romantic

The clients that hire me are looking for a photographer who can capture their day in a relaxed, organic way. They want photos that are bright, happy, and full of emotion. I believe that simplicity is beauty; a photo of look or a glance can tell as much about your day as the details.

My style is a mix of modern posing, light, and airy details, and romantic moments that I hope take your breath away.

While I primarily photograph weddings in Washington and along the West Coast, travel is always welcomed!

Some things you need to know about me

I love learning about

I'm obsessed with:

Coffee & biscuits

Interior Design

My favorite person is

Nothing makes me happier than

photographer in Spokane WA

Seeing my kids laugh

My husband!

I started this business

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At the age of 21

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My perfect vacation is

Being in the ocean

Church, playing keys

The Process

Get in touch

I would LOVE to hear from you today! Please fill out a contact form and provide as much details as you can: names, date and location of your event, as well as any additional information. It would really help me to tell your story and capture you in the most natural and organic way.


Have a meeting

After the initial email or a phone call we will set up a complimentary consultation over some delicious coffee (or wine), where I will get a chance to meet you in person, hear your story and find out more about you and write down any special details about your photo session. If you are planning a wedding - I would LOVE to help you with timeline and let you hold and flip my stunning albums! Once you are ready we will sign the contract and make it official.


Enjoy your session

My goal for you is to feel beautiful and have fun during your session! I will send detailed instructions on what to wear and how to prepare for your session. If I am photographing your wedding - I will be by your side the entire day, to help capture all the special moments and all your favorite faces. I usually share a little sneak peek on my social media, so you can get excited and start sharing your images while I am working to deliver all of your beautiful photos.



Get In Touch


Get In Touch

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Oxana Brik is a lifestyle photographer, specializing in wedding and senior portraits, based in Spokane, WA

Oxana Brik

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