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February 3, 2022

Importance of getting ready and wedding details photos

I wish I could take the feeling of a wedding couple getting ready and bottle it. It’s the most amazing mix of love, excitement, and anticipation. It’s the feeling that you get when you look around and realize that the people you love most in the world are all in one place together. Photos of wedding details are so important.

It’s laughter and tears, and it’s truly a part of the day that, as a photographer, I love to capture because I know how fleeting it is for my clients and how much of it they “miss” seeing because they are in the flurry of the final hours before the ceremony. I LOVE it when they see a photo from a moment they didn’t anticipate or know about!

That’s why I like to talk to my clients about the getting ready and wedding detail photos because the photos you see on my website and social media are thought out, and some of them are carefully orchestrated. Understanding this is key for someone who is getting married because, during this critical time of getting ready to marry the person you love, the last thing I want you to be doing is worrying if I am capturing every moment.

Here’s my approach to the getting ready photos as well as those beautifully curated detail photos.

rings and perfume wedding details

Getting Ready Photos on Your Wedding Day

I generally arrive about 2 hours before Bride’s preparations are complete to capture wedding details. I am looking for all the special final touches; the groom putting on his tie, the bride getting into her gown.  I’ll wander in and out of the scene, capturing these moments for you to tell the complete story of the day.

I may give you some light direction, such as moving you to a spot for better lighting, but for the most part, I’m looking to capture the more journalistic look and feel of this part of the day. A few portraits can also be captured during the getting ready before the first look if time allows.

Of course, if you have any special requests for the getting ready, I’m always happy to hear them!

spokane wedding at davenport hotel

Detail Photos on Your Wedding Day

I LOVE detail photos. You see a lot of them in my work because I think they are really an important part of your story. I know that each detail was chosen with care, and I want to capture them for you in an artistic and original way.

At your pre-wedding consultation, we’ll talk about these details. Please let me know if something has significant meaning for you like your earrings belonged to your grandmother or any other sentimental significance that your details have.

burgandy wedding details
It’s best to have all of those items ready for me when I arrive in a box so that they are all in one place and no one has to scatter to look for them. For the ladies, a maid or matron of honor is a good choice to help with this, or if you feel they will be busy with other things, then a personal attendant is also a great choice.

While the bride is doing the finishing touches, I will construct the wedding detail lay flats for photographs arranging them in a flattering and beautiful way. No two are ever alike! This will give you a nice visual of all the little things that made your big day special.

How to choose colors for your ring box and silk ribbon

If you are looking for modern and unique velvet ring boxes or silk ribbon to compliment your wedding colors – I highly recommend checking When choosing colors for your silk ribbon or tiny velvet ring box – start with the color of your bridesmaids dresses, mixed with additional colors: groom and groomsmen attire, flowers and greenery. Most of the time it would be one or two main colors, and one or two additional colors. For instance: blush and grey can be main, and green and white are complimentary accent colors. If your invitations are colorful – you can never go wrong with neutrals for your details: ivory, beige or blush. They are my favorite colors and look absolutely elegant!

blush wedding details

Florals and petals

For elevated look of your details – ask your florist if you can have any left overs from your wedding flowers: small pieces of greenery, roses, petals. In other words, any little bits from your bouquet will make perfect little props when creating wedding details flat lays. You can ask them to gather it in a separate box of vase, and I will be happy to use them when capturing your wedding details.

Here is a list of my favorite local Spokane florists I LOVE working with:

Rose and Blossom

Anthesis Co.

Parrish and Grove

dusty blue wedding details

The combination of the more candid moments along with the details that tie your day together is just a perfect compliment, especially when we are designing a wedding album. It’s the best of all worlds, on the best day when you marry your best friend!

Contact me for more information on wedding photography services. I’d love to hear about your day!


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