Jenna + Nick – Spokane Summer Engagement

October 21, 2016

Jenna + Nick

We were so excited to meet Jenna and Nick and take their Engagement photos while they visited Spokane in summer. We couldn’t agreed on a better setting for their photos – the streets of beautiful Spokane, where Jenna grew up…

2016-10-21_0001 2016-10-21_0002 2016-10-21_0003 2016-10-21_0004 2016-10-21_0005

They were an absolute joy to work with: laughing, dancing and just being in love.. 2016-10-21_0006 2016-10-21_0007 2016-10-21_0008 2016-10-21_0009 2016-10-21_0010 2016-10-21_0011 2016-10-21_0012 2016-10-21_0013

Then we took a drive towards a Coeur D’Alene lake and found this gorgeous field with wild flowers.. and as the sun was setting down it created a perfect warm light that we all enjoyed!2016-10-21_0014 2016-10-21_0015 2016-10-21_0016

Aren’t they just an absolutely BEAUTIFUL couple??!
2016-10-21_0017 2016-10-21_0018 2016-10-21_0019 2016-10-21_0020

What can be more romantic then walk shoeless in the middle of a street with your soulmate? It was so awesome!! 2016-10-21_0021

We ended our day at the private lakeside, with some splashes, giggles and MOST EPIC sunset!2016-10-21_0022 2016-10-21_0023

oh, and a long-awaited jump into the water holding hands! We absolutely loved our time and so excited for Jenna’s and Nick’s Wedding next year!


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